On our upcoming, 30-minute fireside chat, Elissa Rodd, Head of Product Strategy and Innovation for Deluxe’s Data-Driven Marketing, joins Madeline Ross, VP of Marketing at Enigma, to share the new and longstanding marketing challenges she’s seeing in financial services, fresh ways firms are getting in front of the audiences that matter to them, and what being “data-driven” really means today.

Join us to discuss:
  • How innovative data is offering new ways to make marketing relevant, like “triggers” about prospects’ milestones that signal their needs
  • How you can use data to tweak your marketing campaigns for consistently profitable results
  • The tactic that never left  why direct mail is still profitable and how firms are taking it to the next level

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Hicham Oudghiri
Madeline Ross 
VP of Marketing
Madeline Ross is VP of Marketing at Enigma, a data science company providing intelligence about the identity and financial health of every U.S. business. Prior to Enigma, she led marketing at Monaeo, a location data analytics company, and worked in marketing and growth roles at GLG, Dispatch, and the United Nations.
Hicham Oudghiri
Elissa Rodd
Head of Product Strategy & Innovation 
for Data-Driven Marketing
Elissa leads the Product Strategy and Innovation group for Deluxe’s Data-Driven Marketing. She is an analytics specialist who focuses on the development and implantation of targeted marketing campaigns. She is also the gatekeeper for all of DDM’s data assets – sourcing, evaluating, and assessing all the firm’s third party data. Elissa graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Statistics and Film Studies.